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iPrism: Top Software: Corporate Internet Filtering Software Solutions for the Entire Network
Top Corporate Internet filtering software attempts to provide security for business networks: security from spyware and viruses, unseemly sites, decreased bandwidth and performance, and lost productivity. Corporate Internet filtering software, however, can be disabled or avoided by savvy users, making it difficult to deploy across an entire network consistently. However, your network still needs top corporate Internet filtering software to protect your network investment - and your bottom line - from Internet threats like malware and fringe sites while enabling employees to use web browsing, instant messaging, and network protocols like FTP productively. Internet filtering software alone isn't the answer.

iPrism is different than just a top Internet filtering software; it is a complete Internet filtering solution. iPrism is a filtering appliance, a piece of hardware which is installed on-site - and that's it. There are no time-consuming installation or network configuration procedures, no concerns about compatibility, as there are with even top Internet filtering software solutions. iPrism is an organization tool, designed with administration-friendly features:
  • Cross-platform support with easy network integration as a transparent bridge or proxy server.
  • Central configuration for multiple networks, sites, or iPrism top Internet filtering software packages.
  • Category-based Internet filtering through the industry's only 100% human-reviewed database, iGuard.
  • Adaptable Internet filtering profiles for different users.
  • Automatic Internet filtering software updates which are invisible to the end user.
  • Low total cost of ownership, plus savings for network and IT resources by preventing network outages or performance issues from spyware or viruses, high bandwidth sites, and other Internet dangers.
  • Reporting on historical use for critical long-term analysis of user patterns and problem areas, plus real-time monitoring to track current access and pinpoint potential filtering issues.

From large enterprises to small businesses, iPrism top Internet top filtering software is adaptable for any network environment and simple for any IT department to use. iPrism Internet filtering software integrates the dedicated protection of top Internet filtering software with easy maintenance of hardware Internet filters. A respected top Internet filtering software solution, iPrism is trusted with millions of monitored computers for over 8,000 companies, schools, and organizations.

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